Toronto VRC!

Yesterday was the Toronto VRC Qualifying Event, our next big tournament. 70 teams came from various parts of Ontario, and the challenges were tough. Our alliance (consisting of ourselves, Team 1246 the Agincourt Lancers, and team 1509E Rmageddon) faced off against teams 1104Z The Discobots, 1114 Simbotics, and 188C Woburn Robotics in the finals. Both alliances were so evenly matched that the very first game was a tie, 70-70. After one of the most intense robotics matches that we have ever seen, our alliance barely won, with the final score in the match 76-72! These were some of the greatest matches we’ve ever seen. In addition to a stellar few tournament matches, we managed to win Excellence! AND the Think Award! Not to mention that we’ve managed to officially set the bar for Robot AND Programming Skills! What a day!

-The Pilons