2018 World Champions!!!

Our VEX Worlds experience this year was absolutely amazing! Going in to the competition, we thought we were under prepared. We were so worried the whole time that we wouldn’t even get to eliminations, never mind the dome! After the first day passed, and we still hadn’t won a single match, all we felt was more pressure. Last year we won all our matches the first day and then lost a bunch the next. This year still proved to be different when we competed again after another clean-streaked day! Winning skills just topped that. On the last day, all our efforts were poured into scouting. We saw that with the rate we were going at, we’d likely make it to the dome. 

While most of our team was scouting out the perfect strategy for each of our elimination matches, the remaining few, along with friends from another Canadian team 2560 Raven Robotics, scouted the teams from every dome match we could compete in from other divisions. A huge shout out to our friends! We really could not have won so swiftly without their help in scouting!

This competition was such a fun time! Thanks for a great time to every team there! 

We hope to see you again next year 🙂