Winter Break Update!

So far, we’ve been to two competitions. The first one went amazingly, and we continued our winning streak from last year!

The second, however… was something to learn from. Although we won, we faced a lot of complications through the day that were completely avoidable. Halfway through the competition, we switched driver controls since our driver didn’t have enough experience with the new ones. That was a complete mistake to even try out the new ones on so little practice. Even so, we’ve learnt from it, and are re-evaluating a lot of our design and improving where we can.

We’ve also decided to go to the V5 system. Our team this year had many ideas and strategies to implement into the cortex system, but we really shot way above our abilities. In the end, V5 will benefit us a lot more than the cortex. The extra speed is especially crucial. I guess this was a bit of a Turning Point for us 🙂