Our Current Team

Aarish Adeel
Strategy, Programmer

Aarish has been on the PiLons for three years. He is one of our lead scouts and one of the team's programmers. He ensures all members of the team are up-to-date on scouting and strategy, and is always sure everyone plays their part in every competition. He is a huge asset at competitions when it comes to strategy and scouting.

Alice Montes
Lead Online Challenges, Strategy, Co-Team-Leader

This will be Alice’s third year doing VEX. He has taken upon the responsibility to be the lead for Online Challenges, after having worked with them for the previous two years. He has also accumulated enough experience in Scouting and Strategizing to take upon the co-lead role to scouting, and “co-team-leader”.

Anjalee Narenthiren
Lead Programmer

Anjalee is one of our team's main programmers. She is very skilled at programming and works to develop innovative programming solutions for the robot. She also has demonstrated an immense understanding in robot design, to understand what code for the robot can do, and the capabilities of the robot.

Edward Gao
Builder, Drive Team

Edward has participated in the VEX robotics competition for three years, and this is his second year with the PiLons. He took a year off to assist his school team. He is a skilled and dedicated builder who brings many great ideas to the table.

Nathaniel Eichhorn
Online Challenges, Strategy, Build

This is Nathanial’s third year doing VEX. He is one of the builders on the team. He is also one of our strategists and CAD’s our robots and designs on Autodesk for documentation and to put into the team journal that we will use to showcase our robot at competitions.

Nicholas Rampertab
Lead Builder, Drive Team

Nick has been on the PiLons for three years and has taken the place of the lead builder. He is always coming up with innovative designs and always thinks ahead to solve problems beforehand. He also takes everything into account at all times, to make the process go as smoothly as possible for everyone on the team.

Zain Lakhani
Driver, Programmer, Build, Team Captain

This will be Zain’s third year doing VEX. In previous years, he has a lot of experience in every aspect of VEX. In previous years, he has focused on being Driver, one of our builders, and one of our programmers. He has contributed to all elements in the past, and is a great asset to the team, and never disappoints. This is why he is now the “Team Captain”.

Kieran Green
Online Challenges, Strategy

This is Kieran’s first year with our team. He has been exploring and learning how to create animations, mainly for online challenges, and has demonstrated a natural talent and big passion for them. He has also been learning how our build process works, so he can be involved in building as well. He has shown tremendous determination, and is sure to be an enormous boost to the team.

Ashton Lafford
Builder, Strategy

This is Ashton’s first year participating in VEX. They are learning how to build with the VEX parts, and has shown a basic understanding of both building and programming for projects such as testing V5 and so on. In addition to this, they have been showing interest in being on our drive team, and scouting.

Aidan Fletcher
Builder, Strategy

This is the first year Aidan is participating in VEX. He has spent the majority of his time learning how to build, and how to properly solve building issues. He has also spent time looking into online challenges, and has shown high levels of interest and skill in scouting.

Andrea Ma
Online Challenges, Programming, Strategy

Andrea is participating in VEX for the first time this year. She has a lead role in numerous online challenges, and has a clear passion for them. She has also shown interest in learning to program, and learned to strategize and scout for the team. She looks to be a valuable member of the team.