Our Current Team

Aidan Hynes


This is Aidan’s first year doing VEX. This is Aiden’s first time building and has grown significant amounts in the time he has practiced. He has gained the ability to find unique solutions to problems and has gained a place helping build prototypes.

Alex Batek
Director of Cinematography (Promote/ Community), Online Challenge Supervisor


This is Alex’s first year doing VEX. Alex has taken upon himself the role of leader of the production of all of the team’s video production, such as the promotional video and community video online challenges. He is currently managing all of the goals for online challenges and is working on getting people on track to meet deadlines.

Max Childerhose
Head CAD designer, Programmer, Strategist

This is Max’s first year doing VEX. Throughout the season he has aided with the programming and has taken a leadership role over the 3D modelling of our robot. In doing the CAD for the robot, he has gained a great understanding of building abilities in VEX and has since begun the CAD online challenge.

Franklin Gao

This is Franklin’s first year doing VEX. He worked on a lot of our macros and codebase. Most notably he worked on prototyping code for the V5 vision sensors, attempting to integrate it into tracking and resets, as well as using it as a way to verify how accurate tracking is.

Nathaniel Eichhorn
Drive Team, Head of Build, Strategist, Designer

This is Nathaniel’s fourth year doing VEX. He has taken the place of the head of the build team as he is always coming up with innovative designs and always thinks ahead to solve problems beforehand. He also takes everything to account at all times, to make the process go as smoothly as possible for everyone on the team.

Ethan Li
Builder, Strategist, Head Scout


This is Ethan’s first year doing VEX. Within the first few days of being invited to the team, he dove straight into analyzing the game and helping with strategy prediction and development and contributed his ideas primarily with the build team. With his keen eye for the game, he is the lead of planning of strategies for every game in both round robins and eliminations at our VRC competitions this year.

Zain Lakhani
Drive Team (Driver), Head Programmer, Team Captain


This will be Zain’s fourth year doing VEX. In previous years, he has a lot of experience in every aspect of VEX. In previous years, he has focused on being Driver, one of our builders, and one of our programmers. He has contributed to all elements in the past and is a great asset to the team. This year, he has taken on the roles of lead programmer and driver.

Kieran Green


This is Kieran’s second year doing VEX. He has taken great pride in assisting the team with autonomous routines and optimizing pre-existing code or routines. He has now gotten to progressing the state of the programming skills routine to further optimize the routine and resets used within the code, as well as making code more predictable.

Ashton Lafford
Online Challenges, Strategist, Head Scout


This is Ash’s second year doing VEX. They have taken upon the role of Online Competitions, strategist and alliance scout. They enjoy analyzing strategies of teams and are good at weighing all factors to consider to choose an alliance. They also show promise with the management of the scouts at the future competitions.

Aidan Fletcher
Drive Team, Builder, Strategist, Designer


This is Aidan’s second year doing VEX. He has taken upon the role of builder, strategist, drive team, and scout. Aidan shows a high level of interest in all the work he completes and is determined to make improvements to what he does weekly. His sharp mind has been an asset to the team, and he has been making the very most of every moment.

Andrea Ma

This is Andrea’s second year doing VEX. She has been working on improving and further developing the tracking code the team is now known for. In addition, Andrea helps further develop the team’s autonomous routines and works in finding the team ways to save time doing any given routine.

Mike Stefan

This is Mike’s first year doing VEX. He joined the team with lots of knowledge in programming and troubleshooting and jumped on the opportunity to troubleshoot errors in code and progress the team’s progress in as many ways as possible.

Chen Qing

This is Chen’s first year doing VEX. With his determination to the team, Chen has grown to become an impressive builder able to identify problems in designs and potential solutions. He regularly builds prototype designs for the robot.

Ali Lakhani

This is Ali’s first year doing VEX. He has been working with the build team, learning the fundamentals of vex building and becoming a better builder. Over the course of the season, Ali has blossomed into one of our top build team members.